Risk 1.0 is the computer version of the famous strategy board game
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Risk 1.0 is the computer version of the famous strategy board game.
In Risk 1.0 your goal is to rule the world, by gaining new territories and defending them.

You are a general, commanding your forces against your neighbors, just by rolling a dice.

This version of the game features cinematic music and vivid visualizations.

You can compete against the computer (that has a variety of Generals, each with his own persona and style), or challenge a real person.

This game has been developed by iWin, under license of HASBRO.

In Risk, the world is divided in 42 territories, that are distributed between the players at the beginning of the game. After that, they can attack their neighbor territories, or defend them. The battles are decided by the dices.

On your turn, you can reinforce your army, or change the placement of your forces. For that, you will need to use the Territory Cards, that you obtain each time you gain a territory.

You´ll need at least three Generals to play the game. If you´re playing alone, the other 2 Generals will be played by the computer.

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